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Send an automated email confirmation to respondents

Provide certainty to your respondents by sending a confirmation email notification letting them know they've successfully responded to your videoask and everything is okay.

They'll also be able to view the answers they've submitted by clicking on the View response link in the email they receive.


By default, this setting is switched off and respondents will not receive an email to notify them that their submission has been sent successfully after answering part or all of your videoask. 

If you want to switch this setting on, just follow the steps below.

This setting works on a per videoask basis. This means you can choose to send a confirmation email to respondents for some videoasks, and not for others.

Note: This feature is only available on paid plans.

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Set up respondent email confirmations

Disable respondent email confirmations


Set up respondent email confirmations

⚠️ Important: First things first, make sure you're collecting contact details from your respondents so we know where to send the confirmation email. 😉


From your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you want to set up respondent email confirmations for.



Click Build.



Click the Settings icon.



Scroll down and choose Send respondents an email confirmation.



And that's it! Now, respondents will receive a confirmation email from notifications@videoask.com with a link to their answers.


Disable respondent email confirmations


From your videoask map view builder, click the Settings icon to disable the respondent confirmation notifications.


Scroll down and toggle off Send respondents an email confirmation. Then click Done to save your changes.


My respondents aren't receiving a confirmation email. Why not? 

If your respondents don't leave their email address in your contact form, or you haven't turned your contact form on, they won't receive a confirmation email because we won't know where to send it. 😞

If they have left their email address but can't see the email, make sure they've checked their email's junk/spam folder.

Why are respondents receiving a confirmation email when they didn't complete all the steps in my videoask?

VideoAsk works differently from some other traditional online forms. In VideoAsk, there is no final "submit" button that sends all answers to the server at once.

Instead, when a respondent interacts with your videoask, their answers are sent to the server upon completion of each step, rather than all at once at the end.

This means that you'll still receive answers in your inbox even if the respondent didn't answer every single step.

This also means that if you have the Send respondents an email confirmation setting toggled on (and the respondent leaves their email address), they'll receive the confirmation email even if they drop out before answering all the steps in your videoask.

What email address will the email come from?

All confirmations are sent from notifications@videoask.com and use your Organization name. Currently, it is not possible to change this.


Can I customize the respondent confirmation email?

No, it isn't currently possible to customize the respondent confirmation email.

🗣 If you want to send a customized confirmation email to respondents, check out this video tutorial in the VideoAsk Community that walks through how to do just that using Zapier.

If I've added my company branding to my videoask, will the confirmation email show it?

Yes. If you've added branding to your videoask, your logo will appear at the top of the confirmation email. However, please note that the email will be sent from notifications@videoask.com

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