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Filter conversations

Want to narrow down your data to focus on specific conversations only? Use filters to quickly find what you're looking for and hide unnecessary data from view.

By default, your videoask inbox displays all the conversations associated with that videoask, with the newest conversations at the top.

There are a number of built-in filters you can toggle on or off to change which conversations appear in your inbox:


Tags: You can filter your conversations by tags. Either filter by conversations that don't have a tag assigned or filter by conversations that have a custom tag or multiple tags assigned.

Find out more about tagging conversations in VideoAsk.

Score: Filter by respondents' scores to make sure you're following up quickly with hot leads.

Find out more about adding scoring in VideoAsk.

Dates: Looking for a response you received on a particular date or during a certain time period? Filter by date to save scrolling through all your responses.

Anonymous and contacts: You can exclude Anonymous responses from your view and focus on respondents who have left their contact details instead.

Response status: You can filter by unread conversations. 

Reply status: You can filter by conversations that you've replied to or those that you haven't replied to yet. 

To add filters:


Click Filters.



Toggle on one or more filters and select any custom tags from the dropdown list.

2023-07-17_14-57-57 (1).gif


Scroll down and click Apply.



Now your inbox will only display conversations with the filters you selected

To remove filters:


Click the [number of] filters applied button (the number displayed will vary depending on how many filters are currently active).



Either toggle off the filters one by one and then click Apply, or scroll down and click Clear all to start fresh!


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