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Manage your email notifications

Email notifications are automatically sent to alert you when you receive a new response. You can turn off these notifications entirely or limit the number you receive to fit your workflow.

If you use the VideoAsk iOS app or Android app, you also have the option of receiving notifications on your phone.

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Manage your email notification settings

Turn off respondent email notifications

Change the name that appears on respondents' email notifications

Manage your email notification settings


Click the Account & Org settings icon to open your user menu.



Select Notifications.



Toggle notifications on/off for Responses (the initial response to a videoask). You can choose to receive notifications to all videoasks in the organization (that you have permission to view) by turning on the Select all videoasks toggle:


Or, you can receive response notifications on a per videoask basis by enabling the toggle next to each videoask you want to be notified about:



Scroll down to set up your notifications for Replies (any follow-up message from a respondent). Choose whether you want to receive email notifications every time there's a reply to your videoask, or only when you're a part of the conversation.



Decide if you want to receive email notifications for anonymous responses by toggling the option on or off.


Note: Keep in mind that team members with restricted account access will only receive notifications for videoasks that are in folders they have permissions to view or in your Default folder no matter which notification settings you have enabled.

Email notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your account

Turn off respondent email notifications

VideoAsk sends your respondents an email notification every time you reply to their submissions. If you'd like to use an alternate notification system (such as text messages or another email service via Zapier), you can disable these email notifications for each videoask.


Head to your VideoAsk account and click on the videoask you want to manage notifications for. Open your videoask builder by clicking Build.



Click Settings.



Click the Advanced tab.



Toggle Reply notifications off.


🛑 Warning: If you turn this setting off without setting up an alternate notification system via another software like Zapier, your respondents will not be notified when you reply to them. 

Change the name that appears on respondents' email notifications

When you send a follow-up reply to a respondent via VideoAsk, we'll send them an email notification with a link to view and reply to your video message, so you can keep the conversation going as long as you like. 

Your VideoAsk account name and each team member's VideoAsk account name is the name that appears in email notifications that respondents receive. If you're a member of multiple organizations, your account name will be the same across all organizations.

For example, Cat's account name is "Cat VideoAsk", so when she sends a reply to her respondents (from any of the VideoAsk organizations she's part of) they'll receive an email notification that looks like this:


If you'd like to change the name that appears on respondents' email notifications, you can do so by changing your account name.

Note: It's not currently possible to change the email address that the notification is sent from (notifications@videoask.com), but if respondents choose to reply via email, their reply will be sent directly to the email address associated with your VideoAsk account:


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