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When will I see a response in my inbox?

VideoAsk works differently compared to many online forms. Unlike traditional forms, VideoAsk doesn't have a final "submit" button that sends all answers to the server at once.

Instead, when a respondent interacts with your videoask, their answers get saved at each step as they progress through the videoask. Then, they show up in your inbox when one of the following conditions is met:

  • When a respondent completes your videoask in its entirety.
  • When a respondent partially answers a videoask but closes their browser tab.
  • When a respondent partially answers your videoask and stays inactive with the videoask still open for about an hour. In this case, there will be a slight delay (around an hour) in receiving the response because VideoAsk is waiting to see whether the respondent will come back to the videoask to complete it. If they don't come back after around an hour, the session will time out and their response will be sent to your inbox.

So, you'll still receive responses in your inbox even if the respondent didn't answer every single step in your videoask flow.

For example, if a videoask has 5 steps but the respondent only answers the first 2 steps, you’ll see the respondent’s answers to the first two steps in your inbox.

If the respondent closes the browser tab after answering the first 2 steps, they’ll appear in your inbox immediately. If they keep the browser open after answering the first 2 steps, there will be a delay of around an hour before you see their answers in your inbox.

Note: If you’re missing data for Multiple Choice or Button answer types in your responses, make sure you haven’t turned on the skip data collection option.

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