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Create an interactive video FAQ with VideoAsk

Well-thought-out and properly researched FAQ pages are a winning combo: they're a great way to convert unsure site visitors into happy buyers, and they save you time by reducing the need for customers to get in touch with you directly.

Step up your FAQ game by using VideoAsk to create a fun and engaging Frequently Asked Questions section that stands out from the crowd and adds a personal touch to your branding.

Below you'll find an FAQ videoask example that also includes a "Contact us" option to allow respondents to reach out by video, audio, or text if they don't find the information they're looking for.

Psst! By the way, this one's set to preview mode so we're not collecting submissions. 😉

💡Tip: Videoasks like this one work really well embedded as a floating widget in your site.

This videoask was pretty simple to set up. We used a combination of conditional logic and multiple-choice answer types to allow respondents to loop back to the main menu (here's an article that explains how you can set up this flow), and we added an open-ended answer type to allow site visitors to get in touch with us via video, audio, or text in case they can't find the answer they're looking for.

If you're brand new to VideoAsk (hey! 👋) we recommend checking out our beginner's guide on how to create your first videoask.

We used the following features to build this videoask:

Note: Some of these features are only available on paid plans. Check out our pricing page for a breakdown of what's included in each plan.

Depending on how you choose to share your videoask with your audience, you might want to consider adding a URL redirect to take respondents to a particular web page upon completion of your videoask or after selecting a certain answer on a multiple-choice step.

Looking for a little recording guidance? Here are some resources that might be helpful:

Adding your videoask to your website

Once you're happy with how your FAQ videoask looks, you'll probably want to add it to your website. You can embed it as an iframe so it sits directly in your webpage (like the example videoask above), or as a floating widget that expands when clicked.

There are a bunch of other ways to share your videoask with the world, check out more options for sharing your videoask.

Integrating your videoask with an external tool

If you add a contact form to your videoask, we offer numerous native integrations with CRMs, email marketing tools, and more. So you can seamlessly pass data over to your preferred tool to keep track of communication and make sure everything's ready for the next step in your workflow.

Check out our integrations here. Can't find your favorite tool listed? Create your own using an automation tool like Zapier or Make.

Nurture leads through VideoAsk

Videoask is way more than just a data collection tool. Continue the conversation and engage your leads by replying directly to respondents with a personal video (or audio) message. They can reply back to you and the conversation can continue indefinitely.

🔋 A final thought: What you think your customers might like to know and what they actually want to know are often very different. Keep your FAQ relevant by sticking to the data and only adding questions that customers are actually asking.

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