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Send your videoask responses to Airtable with Zapier

Setting up automated workflows with Zapier puts an end to repetitive tasks, saving you and your team time. Here, we'll dive into how to collect responses with a videoask, and send the data to the Airtable of your choice using Zapier. Sound good? Read on to learn how to automate this flow.

Before we get started, here's what you'll need to set up this workflow:

  • A VideoAsk account 
  • An Airtable account with a base and table set up
  • A Zapier account

Note: Free plans are available for all of these tools.

VideoAsk newbie? Check out how to create your first videoask.


From your videoask, click Connect to other apps.



Scroll down the list of integrations until you see Airtable. Click Connect.



If you're already signed in to your Zapier account click Try this template. If not, you'll need to log in or create a Zapier account before continuing.



Choose the VideoAsk account you'd like to connect by clicking Choose and selecting the appropriate account.


Click Continue.



If you're part of more than one VideoAsk Organization, select the one with the videoask you want to connect to Airtable.


Choose the videoask you'd like to connect to Airtable (you can use the search bar instead of scrolling).


Click Continue.



Check that everything is working so far by hitting Test trigger.


If everything looks good, click Continue with selected record

Not sure what you're looking for? Learn more about Zapier test data.


Now it's time to connect your Airtable account to Zapier. Click Sign in.


Once successfully signed in, click Add a base.


Select the base where your Airtable is stored. Then, click Grant access.



Click Continue.


Select the Base and Table you want to connect to your videoask.


Now, you'll see all the fields from your Airtable. For the fields to which you'd like to send data, map them to the corresponding answers in your videoask.

In our example, we're capturing data from people who want to rent a plot of land in our allotment to grow their own vegetables.

Our videoask asks them for their name, email, the plot size they'd like, whether they're interested in signing up for our gardening course, and why they'd be a good fit for our allotment community. All of this data will then be passed over to our Airtable through an automated connection, known as a Zap. 


Click Continue when you've finished mapping.


Now it's time to test out the Zap. Click Test step.


Head over to your Airtable to check that everything has worked correctly.


Click Publish to start the automation. Now, every time you receive a response to this videoask, your respondents' answers will be sent directly to your Airtable. 

💡Tip: Want to edit or turn off a Zap? Learn more about managing your Zaps.

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